About Love at First Sit

We don’t cut any corners in the services we offer.

Every aspect receives attention to detail, from the places we like to walk dogs to the quality of the vehicle we use to transport dogs.

About Love at First Sit

Boris and I

My name is Blanka, in September 2019, I created Love at First Sit - a professional dog walking service in Edinburgh. Which was inspired by caring for my own Labrador Retriever named Boris and designed with the firm belief that dog walks don't have to be average and boring.

I am also very passionate and interested in dog behaviour. I’m currently studying with the Victoria Stilwell Academy - Professional Dog Training and Behaviour. My goal is to be a successful trainer alongside running my dog walking services.

I have always had dogs as companions throughout my life.
When I was a child in the place where I grew up, there was a stray dog which became my friend. After many walks and many begs, my parents finally agreed to take care of her. I only had to bring her home. Unfortunately, I could not find her that day and any other day. I was devastated, every day after school I went to look for her. Weeks past very slowly, unfortunately, she has never been seen again. A couple of weeks later, when one of our neighbours was leaving their flat, they nocked to us and asked if this box belongs to us? When we opened the box, there was a little furry ball inside. She, later we found out, looked the same as my lost dog friend. Since then, our family always had a pet dog (as well as other animals). As a lifelong pet owner and passionate animal lover, you can rest assured that your beloved pet is in safe and experienced hands of dog walker and pet sitters who understand how much you love your family member.

Love at First Sit Edinburgh provides Dog Walking services 7 days a week, no matter how bad or how good the weather is. Group walks are limited to a maximum of 4 dogs at any one time this is due to ensure that I maintain full control, dogs get my full attention and all enjoy each other company. I carefully match dogs based on their personalities, activity levels and sizes.
With Love at First Sit Edinburgh, your dog will not be taken to the nearest available park or walked next to the busy road. Instead, your dog will have some stimulating walks with their pack where they can be themselves and concentrate on what dogs love doing best, having a sniff in the woods, splashing in the water, discovering new lands, climbing on some hills and occasionally racing with the walker. As part of each walk, Your dog will play mentally stimulating games with recall and command practice.
We don't cut any corners in the services we offer. Every aspect receives attention to detail, from the places we like to walk dogs to the quality of the vehicle we use to transport them.
I am:
Fully Insured with PBI
Disclosure Scotland certificated
Licenced as a dog walker with Edinburgh City Council
Dog First Aid certified
Certified member of NARPSUK